Drew these for a drawing challenge. Figured I post them here too *shrugs*

I really wanted to try drawing Mizuki Zuiga but when I started I realized I was drawing a girl’s body and instead of fixing it I was like, “SCREW IT I’LL DRAW THE FEM VERSION OF HIM INSTEAD”.

So yeah…

Old chibi doodles that I did during the school year when I should’ve been studying…

Practicing drawing for my Rin ask blog ;u;

I quite like this new chibi style :D

Lie to me and tell me I’d make a great Mikasa u_u

Drew this on my iPad because apparently I have nothing better to do with my life


Prince Andrew of Arendelle ~

Drew these a little while ago when I found out about genderbent Frozen and then got super obsessed xD

Drew this like a month ago, but I figured I’d post it anyway xD